How much does it cost to use Royal Mail to send parcels on eBay UK? 2023/2024

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When selling on eBay in the UK it is very difficult to find out how much your posting costs will be until the item sells however this is a very important factor in deciding price. As most people who sell on eBay know if you do not offer free postage you are highly unlikely to make a sale. Therefore you should include the fee as part of your selling price.

eBay generally doesn’t publish Royal Pricing due to its partnerships with PackLink, however, Royal Mail is still the preferred carrier for most UK eBay sellers, In this article you find the current UK Prices for eBay with Royal Mail.

Which Royal Mail service should I use to send on eBay UK?

Royal Mail has a lot of services available with variable costs depending on speed, tracking, weight, and signature requirements what is right for you should depend on the value and size of the item you are selling. It is important to take into consideration how much the compensation level is if something goes wrong.

I personally prefer to send low value items with Royal Mail Standard 1st or 2nd Class and more expensive items RM24 or RM48 Tracked. I always avoid the signature required and guaranteed services as they eat into your costs and your profit margins.

Its important you consider the personal needs as the seller and those of your customer, you want to protect yourself with compensation and you do not want to provide an inconvenient service.

What are the cheapest services to use on Royal Mail for eBay UK?

The cheapest services to use are Royal Mail 1st class and 2nd class post, which offers up to £20s compensation if something goes wrong. Royal mail themesleves say this service is recommended for low value items.

Online Price Prices 1st Class 2nd Class
ServiceWeight up to1st Class2nd Class
Large Letter250g£2.60£2.30
Small Parcel2kg£3.69£2.99
Medium Parcel2kg£5.29£4.49
The compensation avilable for these services is up to £20.

Prices are exempt from VAT.

What are the costs for Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48 Tracked Services for eBay?

The Royal Mail Tracked sevices give piece of mind to both sellers and customers, for sellers you can be compensated for lost and damaged parcels up to £150 and customers can be informed where their parcels are at in RoyalMails network and if its gone to a local collection point via a trackling link.

Online Price RM24 Tracked and RM48 Tracked
ServiceWeight up toRM24RM48
Large Letter750g£3.30£2.70
Small Parcel2kg£3.99£3.29
Medium Parcel2kg£7.49£6.49
Compensation is available up to £150 if something goes wrong.

You can also get the same service, with the features of the Royal Mail Tracked services but with added siganture for additional costs listed below.

Online Price RM24 Tracked Signature and RM48 Tracked Signature
ServiceWeight up toRM24RM48
Large Letter750g£4.80£4.20
Small Parcel2kg£5.19£4.49
Medium Parcel2kg£6.99£6.19
Compensation up to £150’s if something goes wrong.

What are the parcel sizes for Royal Mail Letter, Large Letter, Small Parcel and Medium Parcels?

Alot of price tables and guides for Royal Mail are posted without the the dimensions allowed with the weight brackets, so I have included these below for you.

FormatMax weightMax lengthMax widthMax thickness/depth
Large Letter750g35.3cm25cm2.5cm
Small Parcel2kg45cm35cm16cm
Medium Parcel20kg61cm46cm46cm

What are the prices online for other Royal Mail Services?

Royal mail has other services available if the service you need is not listed in this article all Royal Mail Prices can be found in this document

Royal Mail recommends using Parcel Force for parcels and shipments over 20kg.

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The Royal Prices on this article were set on the 3rd of October 2023 and are subject to change.

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