A way to save on your EE, GiffGaff, O2, Three or Vodafone phone bill (Airtime Anywhere)

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What is airtime anywhere?

Airtime anywhere is a simple, powerful way to save money on your phone bill by shopping with a credit or debit card, and is truly passive cashback once set up no links, set up fees or ongoing maintenance, simply download the app add your card details securely into the app once your card is active you will earn cashback, this cash back can be credited off your phone bill.

Which retailers can you earn cash back on?

Fantastically you can earn cash back on some of the leading high street names such as Greggs, Boots, Clarks, Argos and boots, cash back is anywhere from 1% to 5% with higher amounts after certain spends, if your anything like me you can earn phone bill in a month from Greggs alone.

How much can I earn off my phone bill?

This depends on how much you spend personally I will quite openly show you the potential of the cash back you can receive.

I have been using airtime anywhere for 2 months and earned cash back of £195 with minimal effort and just casual spending however they also do monthly challenges which you can opt into at the start of the month which has also boosted this up a bit, for example over the this month is you make 5 purchases over £5 you will get a bonus of £1.50.

How much do I need to to earn before I can redeem?

You can withdraw or redeem from £10 and then in multiples of £5 afterwards I usually redeem about 10 per month which covers my phone usually this is my overall phone bill for the last three months.

How do I join Airtime Anywhere?

Airtime anywhere is available on google play and apple store and is 100% free to do so.

If you sign up using referral code BV7YA9M8 you will earn a starting bonus of £1 once you first make a purchase you get this direct by clicking here.

Is this legitamate and tax free?

Over 2 million users are already signed up to airtime anywhere in the UK.

  • Level 1 PCI Compliant
  • Partnered with Visa and Mastercard
  • We won’t charge you a penny!

As this is cash back and not earnings this 100% tax free so is 100% a guaranteed way to save money across your E, GiffGaff, O2, Three or Vodafone phone bill.

You can earn extra cash…

Using open banking you can connect your bank account to the app which will allow you cash back on Sainsbury’s online & instore, ASOS, Costa Coffee and O2.

You can also earn referral fees by telling your friends and family, you get 50p if they sign up and £1.00 once they back they first spend.

Is there a full list of retailers

The retailers do change from time to time but notably they include Wilkos, Megabus, Argos, Boots, Harvey Nichols, Waterstones, Legoland and so much more you will be surprised how much you can earn on so much regular spending.

Should I do this?

Well personally I see downsides I have used the app and paid my phone bill time and time again on things I would usually spend, this a true money saving tip and takes seconds to sign up and it then becomes completely passive earnings. Give it a try today lads by clicking here.

Keep an eye on my blog for similar money saving tips and advice which is completely free of charge.

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