DWP announces first £301 2023/24 Cost of Living Payment date

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The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that a £301 cost of living payment will be paid for people claiming 25th April 2023 and 17th May 2023 for most people on DWP benefits and between 2nd and 9th May 2023 for most people on tax credits and no other low income benefits.

Following a long delay since the start of the year the DWP has made available the date an eligibility criteria for the first round of cost of living payments to be paid in 2023.

The full list of benefit claimants that qualify for the upcoming Cost of Living payment are those who receive:

  • universal credit;
  • income-based jobseekers allowance;
  • income-related employment and support allowance;
  • income support;
  • working tax credit;
  • child tax credit;
  • pension credit

To be eligible for the amazing help to be given to millions to help with growing inflation and cost of living you must have have qualified for one of the above benefits between the 26th January 2023 and 25th February 2023.

If you are receiving a qualifying benefit from HMRC and the DWP you will only receive one payment. it is expected that the DWP will make the payment where you are also receiving a HMRC benefit.

The movement has confirmed payments will soon be made for people receiving disability benefits at amount of £150 and to those receiving pension credit at amount of £300 however the exact dates have not been been confirmed these expected in Summer 2023.

To qualify for the disability cost of living payment you must be receiving one of the below benefits :-

  • disability living allowance;
  • personal independence payment;
  • attendance allowance;
  • Scottish disability benefits;
  • armed forces independence payment;
  • constant attendance allowance;
  • war pension mobility supplement.

No information has been supplied when the future payment dates will be however the delay in the first is largely believed to be due to preparing systems meaning future payments may be made sooner without the long delay.

If you in need of immediate help its worthwhile noting millions of pounds has been allocated via the household support fund to each council in the UK to be distributed in the way each council sees best for its area, https://www.gov.uk/cost-living-help-local-council for example Cumberland Council has been offering £150 vouchers to purchase food and Brighton and Hove Council have been offering help with food vouchers, energy bills and other essential products, to find out what your council is offering if you are in need check out there online websites by searching household support fund, it expected that the household support funds will be available until the 31st of March 2024.

If you are immediately struggling with money or debts you should seek independent advice, free advice can be found with citizens advice https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/.

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